What the IPCC says about geoengineering

From the IPCC Working Group II contribution to the Sixth Assessment Report:

Solar Radiation Modification (SRM) approaches have potential to offset warming and ameliorate other climate hazards, but their potential to reduce risk or introduce novel risks to people and ecosystems is not well understood … Due in part to limited research, there is low confidence in projected benefits or risks to crop yields, economies, human health, or ecosystems … There is high agreement in the literature that for addressing climate change risks SRM is, at best, a supplement to achieving sustained net zero or net negative CO2 emission levels globally.


Modeling studies show SRM could reduce surface temperatures and potentially ameliorate some climate change risks (with more confidence for SAI [Stratospheric Aerosol Interventions] than other options), but SRM could also introduce a range of new risks.

Their discussion is a good overview of the field. The meat of it starts on page 2848 of this gigantic PDF, or page 83 of the Chapter 16 PDF.

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