Best things I ate in 2021

I eat out a lot, this is some of the best food I ate, starting with the restaurants I consider to be the best in the world right now, all of which I did not have a single bad dish at.

  • Everything, 40 Maltby St, London
  • Everything, ASAP Pizza, London (RIP)
  • Everything, Endo at Home, London
  • Everything, Banh, NYC

And some very good dishes from other places:

  • Nashville Hot Sandwich, Bake Street, London
  • Chicken wings, Smoking Goat, London
  • Lobster roll, Quality Wines, London
  • Fish finger sandwich, Hank’s Crab Shack, Fowey
  • Crab fried rice, Thai Diner, NYC
  • Burger, 7th Street Burger, NYC
  • Pistachio escargot, Du Pain et des Idees, Paris

Waste of time and money: Dishoom, London

A list of very good book shops

Mast Books, East Village, NYC. Diverse selection of new/used books on art, design, philosophy etc. Gorgeous layout and excellent music choices too.

Palais de Tokyo Bookshop, 16eme, Paris. Huge selection of art books, many of which are discounted. The museum’s often got good exhibitions as well.

Foyles, Soho, London. The best of London’s big bookstores for browsing — very spacious, lots of seating, and tons of light.

The Strand, Union Square, NYC. Indoors is way too cramped and overwhelming, but if you patiently search the discounted sidewalk shelves you will always find a few gems (and get an interesting sense of people’s reading tastes).

McNally Jackson, Nolita, NYC. Big but not overwhelming, good lighting, expansive selection and curation that encourages serendipity. The Downtown Brooklyn location is good, too.

Popular places I don’t particularly like: Books Are Magic; London Review Bookshop; Shakespeare & Co. Paris (though the NYC one is okay).